Grand Canyon, AZ

I don’t think any words, or pictures, could ever describe just how breathtaking the views of the Grand Canyon actually are.

In order to enjoy these views, we did have to set out early, and undergo a journey of about 6 hours there, and back, but it was 100% worth it, and we had pretty cool stop off’s along the way. We booked onto a tour at a ticket booth by the Stratosphere hotel in Vegas,  through a company called SWEETours and I couldn’t fault them. We paid about $180 which included bus pick up and drop off at our hotel, breakfast, lunch and unlimited bottled water on-board, multiple stop-offs including Hoover Dam and Seligman on Route 66, a knowledgable, entertaining guide, and 3 hours at the Grand Canyon – totally worth the money!

First stop on the trip, Hoover Dam. We only had about 15 minutes to get off the bus, stretch our legs and take photos, however, it was great to hear the knowledgable facts from our bus driver/guide, and watch mini clips on the on-board TV, as we drove through the area. The Hoover Dam, situated on the border between Nevada and Arizona, was originally built to control flooding across the Colorado river, whilst generating water and hydroelectric power to the South West regions. Did you know, no – one was buried alive in the concrete that was poured? fun fact of the day from the guide. The Hoover Dam is now a popular tourist attraction, that sees millions of people annually.

The next stop was Saligman on Route 66 and it was pretty cool to be able to stop off here. Driving around here felt like real life Cars, the movie. The town has a real authentic, old feel to it, what you typically think of when you think of driving across Route 66; motels and cafes on the roadside, and now, being a popular tourist stop off point – multiple ‘Route 66’ themed gift stores.

Then it was time for the main act. Grand Canyon’s South Rim. After driving through the Grand Canyon village to get to the Bright Angel Lodge, we stocked up on the free water, and headed through the lodge. Little did we know, as we entered the main doors to the lodge, and exited the back doors, the view of the Canyon would be right in front of us…it’s fair to say everyone is speechless for a moment when they leave those doors.

After absorbing the view, and taking photos at every angle possible, we decided to hike the rim trail to the Grand Canyon visitor centre, which in total took about an hour and a half, this mainly being due to the multiple stops from myself and Kadie, taking photos on every rock edge, making sure we captured every view possible. We both had a laugh on this trail, being complete dare devils, standing as close to the edge as possible, and even hanging off it…or, just going deeper to make it look like that.

Oh, and when we got near to end of the trail, we witnessed a wedding…how lush!

Anyway, whether you have visited the Canyon yourself, or not, here are a few of my photos…beautiful right? well it’s even better in person.

I’d happily go back to the Grand Canyon again and again, maybe one day I’ll do a helicopter ride above it, or kayak along the river – who knows! It’s always worth the visit.

The trip ended with a long journey back to Vegas, but the sunset on one of the stops made it worth it!

– Always Exploring

A 🇺🇸

(Visited August 2015)

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