Las Vegas, NV 

“Bright lights and the big city”…ok, I’m pretty sure that song was written with New York in mind, but the bright lights part? that definitely applies to Vegas!

I don’t think I could ever express how much I loved the trip to Vegas. It surprised me. I went thinking I wouldn’t enjoy it; the extortionate heat of Nevada would burn me to a crisp, what can I do in a city of alcohol and casinos (21+) when I’m only 18? were just two of the questions going around in my head before I arrived, and although the heat literally did burn me to a crisp (as expected), the ‘not having anything to do’ aspect couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, Vegas is known for its great pool parties, and casinos, everywhere – and despite the fact I can imagine these being bloody fantastic when you’re the right age, this blog is going to be from an Under 21’s perspective of the city (minus the cheeky cocktail hour in the hotel…that totally didn’t happen, or did it?).

Our hotel was actually adjacent to the Little Wedding Chapel, which is a famous wedding venue in Vegas, featured in the likes of Friends, playing host to many celebrity weddings, from Britney Spears, Bruce Willis, Frank Sinatra, Cher and many more. The Little Wedding chapel is known for its ‘Tunnel Of Love’ – an opportunity for a drive through wedding ceremony…oh, Vegas. So this, being one of the first things we seen on our trip to Vegas, was interesting enough!

Having only one full day in the city, due to spending our other Vegas day at the Grand Canyon (read about it here), we decided to make the most of the four mile strip, little did we know we’d be on the strip from 10am – 10pm…if that doesn’t outline how big it is, and how much it has to offer, I don’t know what will. I’m pretty sure we went and explored the majority of hotels across the strip,  and if anyone is aware, there’s a load, so I’m just going to write about a few of my favourites.

Circus Circus was one of the first hotels we visited, and it’s fair to say we spent a while here, for many reasons (one of which was my friend drawing out cash from a cash machine, but the money didn’t come out…). Circus Circus is a huge hotel, and to illustrate how big it actually is, the hotel has its own 5 acre, indoor theme park! Alongside the theme park, the hotel houses an array of entertainment, restaurants, casinos, shopping etc.

Caesars Palace is probably Las Vegas’s most iconic hotel, and very luxurious and elegant it is. I felt rather out of place, questioning whether I should actually step foot on the grounds of the hotel in my Primark dress and baseball cap, but I did…apologises Ceasars Palace. Caesars palace is a grand, Roman themed hotel, that has hosted live performances from the likes of Elton John, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart and many more! The hotel has so much to offer, from the hundreds of rooms, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and indoor and outdoor pools – it’s weird being able to just freely walk around the hotel, if we brought our swimming costumes along, we totally could have gone for a dip in the Garden of the Gods pool areas!

You don’t even need to go inside to experience the wonders of the Bellagio hotel. The iconic Bellagio fountain displays are definitely worth a visit! The fountains of Bellagio offer frequent breathtaking aquatic performances to music and lights, both day and night, covering the likes of classical, opera, musical and pop tunes!

The Venetian is possible my favourite; themed around Italy, the hotel offers gondola rides through the inside and outside of the hotel, an array of shops and eateries (home to my favourite Carlos Bakery and Buddy’s Valestro restaurant), and just like every other hotel on the strip, casinos and a range of entertainment are also on offer.

The rest of the day on the strip was spent exploring a variety of other hotels, and walking the length of the strip. Walking the strip is like experiencing different destinations; Paris, New York, Italy, etc.

We spent the evening exploring the likes of iconic stores such as M&M world and the Coca Cola store, and eating good food. By the time we got to the end of the strip, it was dark and our legs were tired, so we took the free shuttle through big named hotels and casinos, which was pretty cool, and then took a bus directly back to our hotel, where we made friends with drunken cowboys…literally. They were heading to Fremont Street and if we didn’t have to get up at stupid o’clock the following day, we totally would have joined them on their trip to the ‘Original Las Vegas’ – maybe next time.

Photo Cred: Charlotte Stimpson

– Always Exploring,

A 🇺🇸

(visited August 2015) 

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