The simple joys of travelling


I think it’s fair to say that everybody dreams of travelling. Whether that be going somewhere they’ve been before; one that has had a lasting effect on them, or consistently getting the urge to visit new destinations.

For me, the USA is my destination of choice, and each year, I look to visit a new part, or state, that I’ve never been – eventually being able to say “I’ve visited the 50 states of America”, but that will take a while. Of course, i’d love to travel elsewhere, but with time and money being an issue, the rest of the world can wait…for now.

I’ve spent two summers making my way around the states, but it’s fair to say, these two summers have changed my life, and the experiences they’ve provided have helped shaped me into who I am today…and has stimulated the interest to spend as much time as possible, travelling (sorry parents). Over the two summers, I’ve challenged myself physically, mentally and emotionally, yet it’s fair to say, I’ve come back with a lot more confidence, a lot more skills, a heap of friends and a heart full of memories, and I’m going to keep doing this for as long as I can…I love it; the job, the experiences, the destination (i’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong country).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s those major aspects that have helped shaped me as a person, that are what I truly love about travelling, but it’s often these bigger events, that overshadow the smaller, simpler joys of travelling. Here are 21 things I love about travelling.

1. The ridiculously early start to the day to catch that plane…it may seem like your worst nightmare, but be honest, the excitement definitely kicks in.

2. Watching all the planes take off from the airport

3. When your baggage is spot on the weight limit (below? Even better)

4. Walking onto the aircraft, whether that be through the walkway right into the door, or walking outside and up the stairs of the aircraft (that’s the best one)

5. Hearing the noise of the engines ready for take off

6. Having the window seat privelage, and enjoying the view of the outside world fly by

7. Listening to the Captain reel off information about your destinations current weather

8. Feeling the temperature difference as you step out of the airport

9. That journey from the airport to the hotel; not really communicating with anyone, just staring out the window, absorbing this new environment and reading all the signs

10. Dropping your luggage in your hotel room and immediately lying on the bed to judge it’s level of comfort

11. Opening every single draw in the hotel to discover the usual bible, telephone and hairdryer…do you even use these? I don’t.

13. Having the excuse to eat your body weight in food, because hey, you’re on holiday

14. The sunrises and sunsets

15. Wandering around every tat tourist shop you come across (and buying tat for yourself and your family)

16. Taking photos of anything and everything, from every angle possible

17. People watching

18. Hearing a certain song and knowing you’ll always remember that moment

19. The feeling of being completely free from relationships with anyone…feeling truly ‘single’

20. Looking through all your photos when you get back

21. Landing on home soil and already thinking about your next adventure

What do you find joy in when travelling?

– Always exploring,

A ✈️ 

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