Savannah, GA

The prettiest and most quaint place I’ve visited in the States so far.

Working on a Girl Scout Camp, even more so with my friend who I was travelling with meant it was nothing but an obvious choice to visit the home of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. Obviously we did more than just visit Girl Scout landmarks but we totally embraced the Girl Scout life and posed for multiple photos with our Girl Scout sign at every opportunity possible.

Our first stop was of course the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low’s , which is an iconic attraction within Savannah particularly for those avid Girl Scout visitors. Set on one of the prettiest streets I’ve seen with an arch like tree welcoming as you drive down the road, Juliette’s home is open for paid visits with enthuastic tour guides informing you all about the life of Juliette Gordon Low and the founding of Girl Scouts. Being from the UK and my only knowledge of Girl Scouts being that learnt at Camp, I found the tour SO interesting and informative and it totally made me love Girl Scouts more (and I didn’t think that could be possible).

Continuing the Girl Scout elements of the trip we also paid a little visit to the First Girl Scouts headquarters. Again, there’s a paid tour available however we chose against this as I think we were all ‘toured’ out so just took the opportunity for another Girl Scout sign photo and a browse around the store.

It’s fair to say I have never felt humidity like I did across Georgia but nothing was stopping me from making the most of my time there and seeing all the sights. We walked for MILES across Savannah but it was great to witness the uniqueness of the city and all its differing options. I have many favourite areas within the City, each for different reasons. Savannah boasts many historic squares and homes, each unique to itself, providing the perfect opportunity to stroll around the city grab some rest and shade in one of the many squares and be enchanted and transported centuries past as you walk past the homes, many of which are home to some famous stories and people (particullary haunted stories which I’ll get onto later).

Two of my other favourite spots in Savannah are River Street and City Market. River Street is ironically set alongside Savannahs beautiful riverfront where cobblestoned roads boast historic buildings that are transformed into miscellaneous stores where passers by can enjoy Savannahs favourite fresh praline, Wet Willies Alcohol slushies, a range of souvenir stores alongside a selection of restaurants and galleries boasting local art. What I loved most about River Street is that although it was bustling with people, it somewhat felt peaceful and provided beautiful scenery whilst enjoying a delicious ice cream (the trees are also super cool).

Then there’s City Market which is an outdoor hotspot in downtown Savannah where shop fronts and small restaurants set the scene of an old marketplace and provide the perfect opportunity for a relaxing walk around the 4 blocks with live entertainment, fountains to run through and cool down (we totally did that) and opportunities to spend some dollar in the neat little stores and restaurants.

Everything changed when darkness hit. Being known for its ghost tours, at night the streets of Savannah are flooded with various ghost tours both on foot and by car…or a hearse in our case, seriously. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of horror, I do get freaked out quite easily however I’m SO glad we booked onto this ghost tour. It was fascinating to hear all the major ghost stories from the city and drive up to some of the haunted hotspots. Our tour guide was absolutely fantastic, he spoke in a way that had me hooked to the stories, everything felt so real and he went out of his way to make it humorous yet freak us out too. The best (if I could say that) part about it was when we pulled up to 17Hundred90 Inn. 17Hundred90 Inn is one of the most visited haunted places in Savannah and conveniently happened to be the hotel we were staying at. Here, we listened to the stories of the Ghost of Anne and discovered we were just a few rooms down from Room 204, the room where guests apparently report sightings of the Ghost of Anne and report their personal belongings being messed with and/or going missing. Freaky stuff.

We ended the trip in the best way possible; at the Funky Brunch Cafe where we paid a set amount, made a choice of pancake mix and toppings and created some masterpiece (often questionable) pancakes directly on our table. I’ve never done or seen anything like this before but I wish more places done something like this because it was unique, fun way to have breakfast!

It’s fair to say I absolutely love Savannah, from the beauty of the Spanish moss dropping trees, to the cobblestones of River Street, the historic squares to the haunted stories of the city. I’ll no doubt make a trip back here one day!

– Always Exploring

A 🇺🇸

(Visited August 2017)

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