Happy Thanksgiving!

Its been a while…so I thought there’s no better way to make my great big comeback by realising my inner soppyness.

Believe it or not, I’ve spent 4 summer’s working on a summer camp through Camp America. I know, it’s a shock right?! You had no idea did you? I don’t think I’ve spoken about it enough so here’s blog number 1000.

2015 was the year my life was changed, literally. Sounds extreme, but it’s true. In 2015, I started my application with Camp America for a ‘SUMMER of a lifetime’…see how summer is not plural? Yeah, that didn’t last long. Little did I know I’d keep going back for 4 summer’s, and end up working for the company full time, so yes, I guess I have a lot to be thankful for right now.

First of all, I want to thank the amazing people I get to work alongside. There’s a small team of us that have gone through returning summer’s together and honestly, I can’t thank you ladies enough. Across the summer’s, we’ve shared so many memories, watched camp develop and have grown not just as individuals, but as a team. There’s nobody i’d rather share the camp love, sing songs about mooses and spend the summer in questionable fashion with, than you lot!

When just 9 weeks out of a year are spent at camp, there’s nothing I love more than knowing I’m going to be back at my home away from home with people that feel like family. As an international, it’s mad to think we spend 10 months of the year watching one another’s life updates on social media and only truly catching up on FaceTime once in a blue moon (yay for timezones and adulting taking all our time away) but this is something I’m particullary thankful for. Camp friends are a special breed; we can go weeks, months or even a year without catching up with one another but when we get back to camp, it’s like we’ve never been apart – we just pick up where we left off and that’s bloody incredible. Thanks for being my dysfunctional, long lost family ❤

Then there’s the ladies I’ve only worked with for one summer…first off, hats off to you for having the ability to say no to another summer at camp (although you’re stupid for doing so) but secondly, thanks for making such an impact on me in just 9 weeks. In 3 separate summer’s, I’ve met 3 girls that i’d be absolutely lost without…luckily they live in the UK! Again, we may not speak everyday, but I appreciate our little voicenotes, pick me ups, FaceTimes and meet up’s whenever we get the opportunity! Kadie, Helen and Tash, I love you.

Camp wouldn’t be camp if it wasn’t for the kids, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic girls across my 4 summer’s at camp. It’s fair to say you learn as much from the kids at camp, as they learn from you. I never expected to make such a positive influence on so many young people’s lives, whether the girls just come to camp for a week, or they’ve been my camper every summer – each one of them with their unique characteristics and personalities holds a special place in my heart. It’s incredible to watch how much a girl can grow throughout their time at camp, and it’s even more incredible to know you had an impact on that. Saying goodbye at the end of their time at camp is never easy but it’s great to know as an international, you’ve let that kid walk away from camp believing you have tea with the Queen, your cousin is in One Direction and you live on the same street as Ed Sheeran. Lol. On a serious note, saying goodbye is never easy, especially when they say “I hope you’ll be my counsellor next year” but it’s amazing to know you’ve been that role model.

Then there’s the people that become more like family, and I’m SO thankful to be able to call the Bresnahans, family. Every year, you’ve welcomed me into your homes with open arms, treated me like one of your own and honestly I’ve never met a family I could be more thankful for, than my own. Thanks for all the laughs, all the memories, all the adventures around Cleveland, all the sangria, and the birth of the fish jumper. Words will never be able to describe how much you all mean to me!

Lastly, I couldn’t be more thankful that I’ve landed a job in Camp America’s head office. I 100% wouldn’t be the person I am today, with this blog post to write, if it wasn’t for Camp America. It’s amazing to now be able to work for a company I’m so genuinely passionate about and thankful for, with a manager I undoubtedly look up to massively and a team of staff I’m lucky to be able to call friends. It’s amazing to be able to wake up every morning and look forward to a days work.

Thanks Camp America.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. This was a beautifully written blog. You truly put the love of camp into words that most people can’t. I am thankful that Camp America brought us together because without Camp America I never would have met one of my best friends. ❤


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