8 irritating types of people you encounter on the tube

I’ve been living in London for almost 9 months now, and the longer I go on, the more I hate the tube.

Honestly, I get irritated about certain things fairly easily, so putting me on a tube truly tests my patience. It’s not the journey I hate, but the types of people I come across on every journey….and they are always at their prime during peak times, when my patience is extremely slim.

This blog is going to highlight 8 different types of people that can be found on the tube, that well and truly make my commute hell.

Side note: No hard feelings to anyone in particular, I probably have characteristics that irritate people on the tube too (I’d love to know where I sit on this), but if you fall into one of the following categories…sort it out.

1. The over sharer

These can come in two forms, over the phone or in person. The phone is the biggest and worst culprit in my opinion.

“Yes, I finish work at 5pm and then I’m going to pick up Ruby from school then I’ll put dinner on. Can you do the food shop before I get back? I can’t do everything around here…oh, you’re cutting out. I can’t hear you. What. Hello?” hangs up phone in anger.

I don’t and never will understand people that feel the need to shout down the phone in public, or even shout back and forth in person to one another. The whole tube does not need to know your gossip. Also, why even call/answer the phone on the tube, what signal are you expecting?

2. The Starer

I mean everyone is guilty for a bit of people watching, but you’ll always find one person on the tube who likes to stare…they won’t even be discreet about it. I’ve given a confused or dirty look back as if to say stop staring at me but it doesn’t work.

3. The Pole hugger

One of my pet peeves. As everyone knows, the tube travels really fast and if you don’t have anything to hold onto you’re literally flying into everyone and everything. You only need one hand to hold on, yet some people like to take it upon themselves and literally hug the middle pole, leaving no room for anyone else to hold on. Yay them.

4. The human hugger

Then there’s the people that have no perception of personal space. I understand the tube can get extremely busy, and at these times personal space is limited but you will find there’s always one person that will happily get up close and personal…even if there’s a few cm space available. I don’t know what’s worse. The pole hugger or human hugger.

5. The sleeper

This one doesn’t actually irritate me in a way of affecting my journey, more so irritating because it gives me anxiety my entire journey, not knowing whether the sleeper has missed their stop or not. My mind goes crazy wondering if I should give them a nudge and check, but then my heart says ‘let them sleep’. It does however, irritate me to the max if the sleeper is snoring, heavy breathing or does that falling head movement into my personal space.

6. The chewer

MY WORST NIGHTMARE. The amount of times I’ve pretended to be getting off the tube and removing myself from a noisy eater, is uncountable. One day however, on my Friday evening commute home, when I was tired and my irritation levels were at its peak, I actually asked someone to stop chewing so loudly. Rude I know, but do people not get taught as a child to eat/chew with their mouths closed?!

7. The DJ

Another of my pet peeves. I appreciate the need for music, podcasts or movies on a journey, but cannot stand people who self promote themselves to be the tubes DJ, and have their tunes blasting out of their earphones. There’s a volume leverage on an iPhone for a reason. Don’t enter the red zone if you want to be liked on the tube.

8. The backpacker

Again, no issue with people travelling/carrying luggage, I’ve had to do it many times. And to be honest, the issue isn’t with those that have clearly been on holiday, yes they are included but it’s the people that have a backpack on their bag and just refuse to take it off. Taking it off will make trying to get on or off a rush hour tube, a heck of a lot easier. Although, the more I think about it, maybe they use their backpack to avoid those human huggers entering their personal space…if that’s so, I guess I take it back a bit, because I’d probably do the same.

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