How to rack up those flying points!

I’m all about seeing as much of the world as possible, but obviously money is a big obstacle in where I go and how often I can actually travel. Like you, I’ve always heard of ‘air miles’ and thought they were only a good scheme for people who use the service regularly i.e. frequent flyers, because I don’t know about you, but I’m easily swayed into signing up to all store loyalty schemes and months later find myself wondering how, and when, I’ll ever get those rewards they mentioned…turns out, you have to spend a lot, but with air miles, you can typically earn them in a variety of different ways, many of which you probably didn’t even realise!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, you don’t NEED to be a frequent flyer in order for it to be worth you signing up to your favourite airline(s) loyalty scheme. So, if you’re reading this, sign up today – you’ll probably forget about the points needed for it to actually be beneficial to you, until that day comes when you realise you aren’t far off or actually have enough for a free flight – so it’s a win win situation!!

I’m an avid Virgin Atlantic lover, so this blog is going to focus on their loyalty scheme specifically, but I can imagine it’s similar across the board with other airlines, so hopefully you’ll take something from this blog, whether you’re a Virgin customer or not.

The good thing with airlines is that a lot of them form under one alliance, so if for example you sign up for Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club, not only can you earn points for every journey you take on a Virgin flight, but also for journeys with partner airlines such as Delta, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Air France, and more. Likewise, if you sign up for the likes of British Airways, you can gain points every time you fly with a fellow ‘OneWorld Alliance’ airline such as American Airlines, Qantas, Qatar, and more. So, whenever you’re making a flight booking in the future, always check and see what alliance they are under, to see if your booking can be added to earn points towards your preferred airlines scheme and if not? Sign up to theirs also. Most airlines will have exclusive partners in different forms, to help you earn points, so the more you’re signed up for, the more you’re covering yourself across the board and you’ll have points towards flights around the world before you know it!

Aside from the flights themselves, there’s plenty of other ways to rack up those Virgin miles.

Joining Virgin Red is a simple way to go about it. Virgin Red is a relatively new scheme, introduced in early 2021, giving you the opportunity to earn and spend points across Virgin brands and major high street brands from John Lewis to Just Eat, Nike to ASOS, and much more. The amount of points you gain depends on the purchase total and brand, but it’s such an easy way to just bump up those points whilst shopping for all things you need! All you have to do is download the app and sign up for Virgin Red (don’t forget to put your Virgin Flying Club membership number), and start earning points by online shopping through the app. I’ve started using this religiously and have even asked my family and friends to keep me in mind when they buy through such brands, and shop through me so that way I can gain points and it’s at no extra cost or effort by them…cheeky, but worth it! You can even choose to spend your points via the app across many Virgin brands such as Virgin Wines, Virgin Books and Virgin Experience days, or even bag yourself a Greggs sausage roll for 200 points, but if you’re like me, that’s a waste and you’d rather enjoy seeing each purchase bump up your total point score and reward yourself further down the line with a flight.

If you’re a new customer, get yourself registered to Virgin Red and make a purchase via the app that will get credited before 31st October (crediting can take approx. 2 months so get that purchase in by August to be sure) and bag yourself 500 reward points, what a treat!! You can thank me later.

Moving on. Well, sort of. By following a link via the Virgin Red app, introduces you to another way of gaining yourself some bonus points. You can apply to do a bank switch to Virgin Money, which if meeting the set requirements for the Current Account Switch, you’ll gain yourself a whopping 15,000 points!! To qualify for this offer, you need to;

  • Perform a full current account switch service via the Virgin Red app or website
  • Download and register on the Virgin Money mobile banking app
  • Transfer/Set up at least 2 direct debits from your new account (you cannot cancel these until after Virgin Money send you your Virgin Red promotion code)
  • Transfer at least £1000 into your new Money Plus Saver (you must keep this credited with that £1000 until your Virgin Red promo code is redeemed from Virgin Money)

You can find out more and see if the switch is right for you, here. Once banking with Virgin Money, you will be clocking up points for every purchase you make on the card!

Then, there’s possibly my favourite way to earn – converting your Tesco Clubcard points into Virgin air miles! For every £2.50 worth of club card points, you can bag yourself 625 Virgin Air Miles – what a way to increase your points without going out of your way or changing your habits (if you’re already a Tesco customer). That’s not all, register your account for automatic conversion for the first time, by June 18th, and you’ll get a bonus 2000 Virgin Points! Find out more on that, here.

And that’s that. I’m sure there’s more ways to earn, but I just wanted to highlight a few of my favourites that I deem more uncommonly heard of, so hopefully you’ve learnt a thing or two and can get those bonus points onto your account! If you know of any other hints and tips, do share in the comments below.

Always Exploring,

A x

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