How to rack up those flying points!

I’m all about seeing as much of the world as possible, but obviously money is a big obstacle in where I go and how often I can actually travel. Like you, I’ve always heard of ‘air miles’ and thought they were only a good scheme for people who use the service regularly i.e. frequent flyers, … Continue reading How to rack up those flying points!

Words that aren’t the same across the pond!

Although in both the UK and America the most commonly spoken language is English, one of the first things you'll notice when you get to the states is the occasional language barrier. There are words and sayings that are common in the UK, that are said or mean something completely different in the US, and … Continue reading Words that aren’t the same across the pond!

What to pack for camp! 

You've got your placement, you're counting down the days until camp, but wondering what on earth you need to pack to last you the whole summer right? I've had multiple requests for this blog post so I know there's people out there nodding their heads right now. The first big question is; Shall I take … Continue reading What to pack for camp! 

America on a budget

I travelled America after working on a summer camp: and being a student, this was done on what you could call 'little money', but this blog post is aimed for anyone looking to travel America on the best value for money. First of all, before you travel, make sure you aware of the budget you … Continue reading America on a budget