3rd time was a charm, a 4th wouldn’t harm.

YOLO. An abbreviated saying I hate, but end up turning to whenever I get an invite back and click that all import ‘apply’ button, year after year.

After numerous direct marketing campaigns, nights of sobbing into Ben & Jerry’s whilst watching old footage, and regular contact with some of my best friends – it was just impossible to say no to the offer of return.

Yet again, I left the summer thinking it was my last, but this time I really believed it…right up until now. I’m at my last year of university which means graduation day and the never ending question of “what are you going to do after uni?” – both of which are things to be sorted during the summer but hey, as Peter Pan states “all you need is Faith, trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust” and before I knew it, I solved those summer obstructions. There are flights that can get me home for graduation, and as for a career? Well, back in 2015 i’d have never guessed that my summer ‘fun’ would have such an influence on me and flourish into a future career aspiration, but it has, so the more summer’s I work, the closer I’ll get and the better it’ll make me, right? and if that career plan changes, you know all those skills I talked about in my previous blog? I can apply to them whatever job I choose. Read my previous blog, here.

There’s going to be a time when I have to say no, and the thought of that hurts, but for now, why should I pass up on the opportunity of another summer of making a difference, self development, fun with friends and unforgettable memories, just to stay and possibly work a job I wouldn’t enjoy for the summer, for the sake of money and the start of ‘adult life’?  I’ll worry about that when I get back.

If you haven’t already got the message, I’m heading back to camp. That’s right, Nutella returns for Summer #4.

Living another 10 months for two.

– Nut.

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